an almost woke ee up one morn – like baby innocent an bold, the great while hole, lord of all surveys, unslandered, clear of mind an hurt, future ahead an ee all indestructible – Josef K

like crushed out dog on motorroad side

Josef K’s thirtieth birthday begins with a knock on his door from two sinister agents. They’re from an unidentified agency, here to arrest him for unidentified crimes. But this is no birthday prank – this is life or death. So begins K’s dark descent into a waking nightmare of bizarre humiliations and compulsive procedures. The Olivier Award-winning Rory Kinnear (HamletSkyfall) leads the cast of this new production at the Young Vic, directed by Richard Jones and designed by Miriam Buether.

What do they want from me?

The Court? It doesn’t want anything from you. It receives you when you come, and dismisses you when you go.

Script published by Oberon Books (part of Bloomsbury Publishing)