Look. no one cares. no one cares what we do as long as we’re here,  doing what we’re told

Welcome to Fiji Land. Things are very simple here. Follow orders. Fight the good fight. You can even take photos.

Grainer’s new. He asked to come over here. Wolstead likes to watch people while they sleep. Meanwhile, Tanc’s here to do what he’s told and do it proper.

fiji land is a surreal and incisive play about the very real things that happen when cell doors shut and the world looks away.

as long as we’re safe, we don’t want to know what’s going on to keep it that way, do we?

fiji land was first seen as a staged reading in 2007 at the Soho Theatre and was a finalist in the inaugural Amnesty International & iceandfire Protect the Human competition.

Script published by Oberon Books (part of Bloomsbury Publishing)