why has it become acceptable for many people to shove problems further down the line

why has it become acceptable

why does the single mother get the council house straightaway when the hard-working couple have been waiting for spiralling welfare costs and a top-down, interventionist state pension, with an extra £530 a week, who’d love to start having children and will change very little for a work programme since the 1930s


beneverunerstoost is a cut-up play about political language.

In a culture of loopholes, misused statistics, and refusals to be held accountable, the words of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband are dismantled, mangled and welded back together for your entertainment. It was commissioned by the Royal Court, and was performed in a one-off, script-in-hand reading in the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, on the eve of 2014’s general election.

ladies and gentlemen
are you satisfied with a country and extraordinary spirit
beyond one party or one government
which party is in power
even more important than that
are you satisfied